Holly Tucker in the Home of Small Business with Christmas Decorations

Decorate your home with Holly this Christmas: introducing colourful Christmas decorations

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by holly tucker


Christmas decorations? Let me share how small businesses are making our decor creative, colourful and altogether less ordinary this year…

Unique Christmas decoration ideas (that are colourfully creative)

Can’t Christmas decorations just be such a wonderful way to express yourself? For me, there’s something tremendously exciting about those few golden hours where I get to tinker about to my heart’s content, spreading a small business rainbow throughout the house and leaving little surprises for those I love. Whether it’s finding unique ways to bring the Christmas tree alive, treats for the Christmas table that nobody saw coming or inspiring those ‘Oh wow, Elton John drinks markers!’ type comments from friends, here are some brilliant ideas I’ve spotted from our Co’s this year…

Decorating the Christmas tree colourfully, with original Christmas tree toppers and baubles

Choosing the Christmas tree? Once you’ve argued over going real or fake, skip to the good part — dressing it. For me, it’s generally ‘the more colourful the better’.

  • Why not make an event of it? Before the cat disappears up the middle and wrecks it all or the kids husband puts all the decorations in the wrong place and you have to sneak down later to correct it, make it fun. A little music, a ‘grown ups hot chocolate’ and a mince pie or two all help the ever-growing to-do list disappear for a few enjoyable hours.
  • How about an unexpected tree topper? Angels are lovely but there are other options you could try (see below or search our unique tree toppers). A Liberty fabric bow could be reused for birthdays or chair backs perhaps?
  • Who said it has to be baubles and tinsel? Paper garlands, mini versions of your idols, an ode to your dog, Strinsel (planet-friendly tinsel)... Or how can you make it meaningful? What can you add to the tree to nod to those who aren’t here this Christmas or to mark the special family milestones of 2023?

Colourful Christmas tree decorations…

Christmas table decorations: how a little creativity goes a very long way

  • You could create place settings for the kids with personalised Bokuno dolls and little treats. As well as featuring their very own name, these dolls come in different skin tones so you can make sure everyone feels welcome.
  • Fill reusable crackers or humbugs with five lovely things you appreciate about the person they’re for or a voucher for a new monthly tradition you can do together (or even, let’s face it, just sweets or money!).
  • Add some extra personality to the table. BowBeaus makes wonderful little party animals that can be reused on different occasions — or how about a very realistic looking fake ice cream on the plate by the Fake Food Workshop (random yet utterly brilliant)?!
  • Or for even bigger surprises… how about a life size replica of a roast turkey made entirely of chocolate for Christmas pud from The Edible Museum, with chocolate sauce served in a one-of-a-kind gravy boat?! These are Christmas tables they will talk about for years to come.

Christmas tables with a twist…

Wreaths, stockings and other festive decorations for the rest of the house

I love this part too — having an everlasting wreath that stays up year round but adding a festive banner to it to make it feel Christmassy. In fact, this is where small businesses excel isn’t it? Because they make things so carefully that they’re not just for Christmas or to last for one year only. These are pieces that are worth investing in as they can be used and reused in all kinds of wonderful ways for many years ahead. Well, apart from our Co Pinyatay’s Christmas stocking piñatas of course. They are made to be broken but what a wonderful prize for the family member who most needs to let off some festive steam on Christmas Day (which might well be me!).

Finding other witty or unusual handmade decorations is half the fun of Christmas I think. I love knowing my son Harry and niece Olive will inherit these one day… A Christmas plate they remember from childhood or our little stocking family. It’s nice to think how they might use them or bring their own creative touches for their own families in the future, and I hope it does the same for yours, too. Happy decorating!

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