Nap Date in the Home of Small Business

Nap date, anyone? (Surely the best Valentine’s Day date idea?!)

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By Holly Tucker


A nap date is one of the easiest types of date to arrange and (I think) by far the most memorable. Why? Because it’s secretly what we crave most.

Introducing… ‘nap dates’

Nap dates — those glorious few hours, spent with someone you love, doing not much more than lounging about, entirely comfortably, potentially watching TV or reading books together, with treats. As someone who is often rushing around like a cartoon blur much like most women, there is something incredibly luxurious about taking the rare opportunity to hunker down like a teenager; PJs on, box set started, niche snacks sorted… and just rest. So when an occasion like Valentine’s Day comes along, this feels like the perfect solution for Frank and I (even if Frank doesn’t know it yet!).

I don’t know about you but if I’ve been busy at work, worrying about Harry, checking in on Mum, remembering team birthdays, redecorating the hallway, and doing God knows how much life admin on top, I couldn’t think of anything worse than having to get dressed up and go on a romantic date… And I’m pretty sure Frank’s not that fussed either. All we really want to do is stay in with some lovely food, some even lovelier loved ones (the dogs!) and some expertly chosen chocolate. It’s the perfect way to reconnect when we’re both feeling relaxed and enjoying it together. So where to start on creating a nap date for Valentine’s Day? Your creature comforts…

Unique throws, PJs and more ways to curl up cosy

Let’s start with the basics (and making them brilliant). Get an oversized blanket that’s as cool as it is cosy. Most of our team fell instantly in love with this beautiful one by Denim and Bone below. Then put on your best pyjamas (mine are from Their Nibs because they make such wonderful ones, but Black & Beech's feminist icon pyjamas are also firm favourites). It’s worth investing in good nightwear as we spend on average, 122 days a year in bed — 122!).¹

I love to surround myself with beautiful artwork in the bedroom anyway so as well as lovely Frank and the dogs, it’s the first thing I see when I wake up, but you could always use this as an excuse to treat the pair of you to something new to mark the moment.

Nap date (tr)eats and tipples

As we all know, no nap date is complete without niche snacks or drinks. So to elevate your everyday, how about some Restorative Chocolate by The Poetry Pharmacy? It does what it says on the tin so it must be the perfect prescription from Dr Love! Or Rumsey’s Handmade Hot Chocolate Flakes are a must in our house that make us grin each time. Or the Chilli Hot Chocolate from Harth Chocolate is something you’ll dare each other to try and then end up savouring every drop as it’s utterly unputdownable (if you haven’t tried it, do)! Or if that’s all too decadent for your liking, I can highly recommend some Tuuli Tea (the Earl Green in particular is perfect for when you ‘want a bit of posh’ as she says). Just the thing for making you feel like royalty in bed. You could even get an heirloom, Hand Carved Wooden Tray to serve it on, thanks to the brilliant Oak & Rope.

Bring a unique Valentine’s Day gift and Valentine’s card

If you’d like to turn up to your date with a little Valentine’s Day gift or Valentine’s Day card, small businesses make the best (of course!). Do have a look through our curated collections to find something that’s just right for them. If you’re looking for something to fit the theme, I highly recommend these vintage, hand-engraved ‘I want to spoon with you’ ice cream spoons by Maison Spoon (well they’re not specifically for ice cream, they can be used for any kind of food but I mean, why wouldn’t you enjoy some on a Valentine’s nap date?!).

Alternatively, this 'Personalised 10 Reasons Why' notebook from Make Note has blank pages inside for you to fill in what makes them 'your one' — such a simple but beautiful way to remind someone of their very best bits. Then all you need to do is pick a film and that’s how you do a Valentine’s nap date! Cosy PJs, blankets, candles potentially, some wonderful treats to eat and drink, and if they’re lucky, a gift and a card. Done. And guaranteed to be the best night you’ve had in ages. I hope you enjoy it. For more ideas, try my Nap Dates Collection.

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