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Launching my new podcast, Conversations of Inspiration

Tomorrow my podcast goes live and I have to say I’m filled with nerves. It’s the first time, apart from my posts here, I’ve put myself out there.

The whole idea was based on one of my deepest beliefs and learnings about founders. However passionate, irritating, obsessed and dogmatic – there’s something very special about these humans. I knew this by meeting so many and mentoring 100’s of small magical businesses in my time. They see nothing, but I see their extraordinary ability to make the world a better, more colourful and creative place.

So, this podcast is a tribute to that magic. Each week I got to meet some of the leading founders here in the UK, who’ve created exceptional brands. People who looked at an issue or an opportunity with creative lenses. I’d sit and listen to their stories, philosophies and pain they went through; the sheer and utter determination to never let the heart of their business down and be it’s ultimate defender. So much maternal and paternal behaviours came through. As I’ve always said, your business becomes a child and you love it and nurture it, as much as your real kids.

I tried to change the conversation to normal business programmes, not that there are many of those. And after being told Conversations of Inspiration will be the first UK podcast by a leading female business woman, it was important for me to start to bringing a more soulful conversation to the forefront. Allowing vulnerability and realness to shine through.

It took me until last week to listen to the first one, as I was petrified about how I came across, my voice and…well you know…all the insecurities we shackle ourselves with. I allowed my team, who I trust implicitly, to listen and tweak the recordings. Although barely anything is edited, never has my guest or I recorded a line again, as it was important that it was a raw as possible. When I did get forced to listen to it, I smiled. The stories of these incredible beings really did shine through – I’d achieved what I set out to do.

Whether you run a business or not, I hope you enjoy the stories of those who are bringing colour to grey.

Listen to episode 1, with Julie Deane OBE of the Cambridge Satchel Company, here.

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