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Follow your dream

With every new year come the same cliches: ‘new year, new me’, ‘turn over a new leaf’ ‘new start’, but why do we have to wait until January 1st to do this? I’m a firm believer that we all need to find and follow our passion in life. You know what I mean, the thing that makes us shine and sparkle from the inside out, the thing we love and couldn’t do without – our dreams.

We all have dreams, but how many of us have actually followed them? I know that we’ve all been there, perhaps you’re ‘there’ right now; you’re going to follow your dream after you’ve done a certain thing, been to a certain place, until you’ve got a certain amount of money; until, until, until. The reality is, if you keep waiting for ‘until’ to be over, things will never change.

Life always finds a way of interjecting, distractions will always creep in. Sometimes we can get so bogged down with day to day tasks that they take over completely. My advice to you is this – don’t let them. Stop dreaming and start making things a reality! Grab hold of your ideas and run away with them. Hole up and hide away, understand every detail, jot down every intricacy. Why is your idea different? What makes it work? Why will people love it? What’s inspired it? Is anyone else doing something similar?
Throughout history, people have had a dream, dreamed a dream, and built a dream, and it’s time for you to add your name to that illustrious list. Are you ready?

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