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In The Company Of Women

When I opened Grace Bonney’s book I only had to read the opening paragraph to know I had to have it in my shop. It was interesting reading how the book actually came about, “visibility is one of the most powerful tools we have in inspiring people to pursue their dreams and educating them about all the amazing options that exist” said Grace the author. And I wholeheartedly agree with this statement! How are the next generation supposed to know the options available to them, if they’re not shown them. We must champion the movers and shakers and those forging their own way in the world. Doing things completely different to anyone before, without a rule book to follow! Especially the female founders paving the way, breaking down barriers and overcoming stigmas and outdated preconceptions, despite all that stands in their way. ‘In The Company Of Women’ shares the stories of 100 talented, inspiring and diverse female creatives, each of them ‘self-made’ successes, who have grafted  persevered and collaborated to build the future they want for themselves. From chefs, bakers and hoteliers to photographers, bookbinders and fashion designers – the underlining message is clear; ‘women want to run their own companies and are much more likely to do so if they have the support of other women around them’. Thank you, @designsponge, for creating this wonderful collection of stories to inspire the next generation!

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