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Independent Ad Breaks – enter our competition!

I’m so excited to tell you about such an amazing opportunity, to publicise the magic of your small business on my podcast Conversations of Inspiration.

NatWest whom we partner with, have donated their very own ad break space, as they wanted to give it to small businesses, in order to help their dreams succeed. It’s this generosity, that makes NatWest our partner. Each week, one small business will get their advert played in the middle of the latest episode of Conversations of Inspiration, for tens of thousands of people to hear that week, but then hundreds of thousands as it sits within our podcast library.

I’ll be looking for the most creative and interesting adverts to feature. We’d love to hear from the founder with perhaps an anecdote about what your small business means to you, what you do and create. You might want to share the story of why you started your business! Just remember it needs to be under a minute!

Whilst we’re looking for good quality ads, don’t worry, you don’t need any fancy equipment – you can record your well thought through advertisement, straight into your phone and email it to us at

Don’t miss this utterly brilliant and FREE opportunity to broadcast your small business to thousands of listeners, thanks to our partner NatWest.

Tips for the best quality recording:

  • The microphone on an iPhone will be good enough quality to record your advert on.
  • You can record it in your voice memos app.
  • The advert needs to be under a minute long.
  • For the best sound quality, try recording whilst in a place with lots of absorbent materials surrounding you (in your wardrobe / behind your curtains…. You get the idea!)

How to submit your entry:

Email :

  • Include your advert as an attachment
  • Your name (and position at the company)
  • Your company name
  • Company website / social handles
  • Your contact details

The small print:

  • To be eligible, you must run a micro business (less than 9 employees)
  • Your business must be based in the UK
  • But don’t delay – we’ll have a rolling selection of winners and entries will be chosen each week
  • You can only submit your entry once.
  • If selected we’ll notify you by email prior to your advert going out on the podcast
  • Due to the volume of entries, we will only be in touch with winners of the competition

Good Luck!

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