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25th November 2019 73mins
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Building a business to live the Good Life, with Sir Charlie Gladstone, founder of Pedlars and The Good Life Experience

This week's episode was recorded in front of a live audience in the glorious Edinburgh, with Charlie Gladstone, founder of The Good Life Experience and Pedlars. Charlie is hugely passionate about design, provenance, supporting makers, running businesses - but mainly helping everyone to ‘Live the Good Life’, and to do what they love. This is an utterly inspiring episode as Charlie leads us through (his self-described…) “feral” childhood but also what he believes to be game changers for small businesses and his hopes for the future of retail. In this conversation Holly and Charlie and discuss why you must shop with purpose and a consciousness, how to ultimately harness an overflowing enthusiasm (as a person and as a business owner!) and most of all how love and passion can propel you through this journey.

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