In this collection of Classic Conversations of Inspiration, we are revisiting our most beloved, uplifting and transformative discussions from the past few years. We have selected episodes which will offer you a taste of more than 150 hours of eclectic, inspiring and bursting-with-wisdom conversations that Holly has had with founders of some of the world’s most iconic brands. You’ll also hear stories from small business leaders who are revolutionising the way we do business…and life. This collection is perfect if you’re new to our podcast or a fan wanting to enjoy your favourites all over again.

Business Advice that's a real relief

When it comes to business advice, there are all sorts of things they don’t tell you. Coping with parental guilt, for example. Or the pros and cons of hiring friends. Or even how the flippin’ heck you tell your VAT from your IP (or if you even need to). That’s why we set up the Advice Hub; a sort of friendly online newspaper for small businesses, sharing golden insight and hard won wisdom from experts we know, our community, and of course, our very own Holly. So come on over.

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