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4th March 2019 49mins
Female Founders, The Power of Instagram

The power of an instagram community, with Joanne Hawker, designer and founder of ‘March Meet The Maker’

This week Holly sits down with Joanne Hawker, cards and accessories designer, to talk community and small business – two of her favourite topics. A designer by day, Joanne is also well known as the brains behind the Instagram challenge and phenomenon, ‘March Meet the Maker’.

‘March Meet The Maker’ is a tool to help shine a light on the makers across the world, by challenging them to share their ideas, favourites and what inspires them.

In this conversation, Joanne discusses her journey from working full time on a Pepper Farm in Devon, to realising her dream of quitting her job, and running her own successful small business. She talks about why she had a calling to create such a movement of people and what the power of community has given her and the creatives that she champions.

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