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4th February 2019 59mins
Female Founders, The Power of Instagram

Being an introverted entrepreneur, with Veronica Dearly, founder of Veronica Dearly Illustrations

This week Holly speaks to artist and illustrator Veronica Dearly.

Veronica brings joy to the world with her smart, relatable, funny and very real illustrations, which she prints onto cards, gifts and shares daily, with her Instagram community.

Her well-timed, highly empathetic posts often go viral and are shared with thousands of people around the world - not bad for someone who didn’t have any conventional training, was a young mum and had started life as one of the shyest people she knew!

In this episode, Veronica shares the ups and downs of her business journey so far as well as discussing how she uses her art to spread joy and political messages, as well as how she overcame the things that she found the most terrifying in business and life.

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