Interviews with The Experts #33 Ella d’Amato
CCMO at Notonthehighstreet


Holly chats to Notonthehighstreet CCMO Ella d’Amato, who has seen first hand the agility of small businesses over the past few months.

Throughout lockdown people have been staying in touch and showing their loved ones they care through the medium of thoughtful gifting – and my gosh did NOTHS and the partners come into their own!

Interviews with The Experts #32 Emilie Bellet
Founder of Vestpod


Holly chats to author, speaker and financial freedom champion Emilie Bellet about the power of money.

Emilie’s top tip is that knowledge is power! Learn the basics, don’t be your own blocker and empower yourself to make your own format that works for YOU! An eyeopening interview packed with advice.

With thanks to our partners for helping us to bring SME: SOS to life…