Interviews with The Experts #20 Jayne Hardy
Founder of The Blurt Foundation


Holly chats to Jayne Hardy, founder of The Blurt Foundation – a social enterprise dedicated to helping those affected by depression. They look at how we can each put a framework in place to look after our own mental health, now and for the future.

Jayne reiterates the importance of leaning into things that bring you comfort and joy and to take self care back to the basics – drink plenty of water, get outside, take each day as it comes and give yourself breathing space.

Interviews with The Experts #19 Pippa Murray
Founder of Pip and Nut


Holly catches up with Pip, founder of Pip and Nut, who says that ‘start ups are used to pivoting’ which is where the innovation we are seeing right now is coming from!

Pip notes the heartening sense of community, and the heightened awareness of our responsibility as a global community, which is leading to a sense of connectedness that contradicts the necessary physical distance right now.

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