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You might take the scenic route to your passion, but don't lose confidence in your ability!

To put it lightly, I’ve been a huge fan of artist and – as she likes to put it – “do-er of things” Rebecca Strickson for some time now. We’d enjoyed a few chats on Instagram and emailed back and forth after she kindly donated some artwork to support Campaign Shop Independent, and we’re thrilled to to stock her work at Holly & Co!

So it was an absolute dream to spend an hour talking about everything from creativity to the power of Instagram and the importance of standing by your beliefs. Here are my top takeaways…

“Having a stance on something can really help your business, it sounds really mercenary but people want to know who’s behind brands, especially if you’re an independent. They want to know what you think, they want to know what you care about.”

Everyone’s creative!
You just have to find your thing! Rebecca reminded me that so many of us have a tendency to say “oh, I’m not artistic or creative” but everyone has that spark! Perhaps you enjoy cooking or listening to music – you don’t have to be a painter to be creative!

Finding your way back
Even when you have a passion you still might take the ‘scenic route’ during your career but if you lose your confidence and try something new don’t fight it when it pulls you back. It’s what you were born to do.

The power of Instagram
Rebecca shared that she’s really found her niche, creating things which align to people’s beliefs that maybe they can’t make themselves. Her artwork lets them express themselves on Instagram AND means her artwork is seen by even more people! Word of mouth marketing at its best.

Speak from the heart/ Take a stand/ Have a voice… and use it!
You’re you. That’s what makes you special. So don’t be a cookie cutter! Find your voice and use it to advocate for what you believe in because times have changed and consumers what to spend their money with companies who align to their beliefs. Stand for something. Don’t be vanilla.

The joys of collaboration!
When you work with the right person you can create something amazing that neither one of you would be able to do alone. It’s about finding someone who can bring something new.  

Remember your worth
That product or service doesn’t exist without YOUR creativity and even if you’re doing what you love you still need to get paid so don’t undervalue yourself.

Give it a shot!
Because if you don’t, you’ll spend your whole life wondering ‘what if?’ So if you get that opportunity take it with both hands.

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