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20th April 2020 34mins
SME: SOS specials

SME: SOS with Dave Buonaguidi, artist, Pip Jamieson, founder of The Dots and Jon Nicholson, from Royal Mail

SME: SOS is a topical podcast to support small businesses through this turbulent time of the Coronavirus. Offering advice from experts and founders, these 30 minutes are designed to empower and support you through this climate. In this episode, Holly is joined by Artist Dave Buonaguidi, founder of The Dots, Pip Jamieson, as well as Jon Nicholson from Royal Mail. Whilst all from different sectors, all three shared a common belief - that small, creative businesses and entrepreneurs will thrive in the future, but they must harness their USP in order to do so, their creativity. This SME: SOS Special episode of Conversations of Inspiration is brought to you with thanks to NatWest, Dell, Three and Royal Mail.

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