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Do / Lead

by Les McKeown


We’re all capable of leadership, even if you might not think it right now. Leadership styles differ from person to person, but this book will help you debunk the myths that have paralysed leadership in our modern era, and give you new tools for the job

Effective leadership is goal, not people, orientated. It’s about the person with the right skills putting themselves forward, and that’s something we’re all capable of.

You’ll learn:

  • The mindset required
  • The basic leadership toolkit
  • Techniques for dealing with the (inevitable) failures
  • How to get started
  • Whether you are new to the game or reigniting a dormant passion, start leading from where you are, right now, and make a difference

In stock

  • New book from bestselling author Les McKeown
  • Discover what really makes a great leader – and why it’s not what you may think!
  • Learn the leadership mindset, the basic toolkit and techniques for dealing with the (inevitable) failures
  • Grow your business by fostering leadership within all members of your team

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