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  • Made in UK
  • Handmade

Literally filled with love, our Silver Heart Studded Leather Dog Collar is just perfect for your love filled pooch. Hand made in our Suffolk, England workshop, the leather that we use is very strong (3-4mm thick) yet softens very quickly when worn. We bevel the undersides of the collar to ensure a super comfortable fit against your dog’s neck. The leather is then sealed & treated with Neatsfoot Oil to add a waterproof coating. The heart studs are handmade exclusively for us & are individually welded to ensure maximum strength. Worn on big dogs, this collar looks awesome and is the perfect antidote to their size! On tiny pups it is simply adorable.

Need to know

We use neck size rather than overall collar length as this creates a more accurate fit.
If you don’t have a fabric tape measure, you can either measure your dog’s existing collar to the point at which the collar is done up, or use a piece of ribbon to gauge your dog’s neck size and then measure the ribbon.

Size chart:
Size 0: 3 studs. Neck Size: 19-24cm/7.5-9.5”. Collar Width: 12mm at buckle, 18mm at collar.
Size 1: 4 studs. Neck Size: 23-30cm/9-10.5”. Collar Width: 12mm at buckle, 18mm at collar. Size 2: 4 studs. Neck Size: 25-35cm/11-13”. Collar Width: 20mm.
Size 3: 5 studs. Neck Size: 31-42cm/12-15”. Collar Width: 23mm.
Size 4: 6 studs. Neck Size: 40-51cm/15-18”. Collar Width: 25mm.
Size 5: 6 studs. Neck Size: 46-56cm/18-21”. Collar Width: 30mm.
Size 6: 7 studs. Neck Size: 56-66cm/22-26”. Collar Width: 30mm.

Sizes and Breeds:
Please ensure you measure correctly for your dog’s collar as it will be hand made to order for you by our team of artisans. Below we give you a rough guide per breed, but we will often see 3 dogs of the same breed to wear 3 different size collars. I have 2 labradors – Beetle wears a size 4, Buzz wears a size 5.

Size 0: Puppies and tiny breeds – Chihuahua
Size 1: Small Jack Russell, Miniature Poodle, Miniature Dachshund, Yorkshire Terrier
Size 2: Boarder Terrier, Caverpoo, Parsons Jack Russell, Dachshund
Size 3: Schnauzer; Cockerpoo, Cocker Spaniel
Size 4: Working Labrador (skinny), Springer Spaniel, Labradoodle,
Size 5: Traditional Labrador (chunky), Golden Retriever, Standard Poodle, Ridgeback
Size 6: Bull Dog, Great Dane

We use 3-4mm leather to craft our leather dog collars. Each colour of leather holds unique properties - please see below:
Black (really long lasting and strong)
Tan (will age beautifully as worn and the colour will deepen with time. Super strong)
Chocolate (strong and beautifully rich in colour – look amazing on brindle dogs)
Red (bright and fun, but may not last as long as the natural veg tanned colours above – see below for more info on our red leather)

Red Leather:
Red leather is a strange and tricky thing – we have tried many different leathers over the years – some deepen to a brown, others run like crazy. So we now have our own red leather specially made for us. At it’s core is a natural leather that we have surface dyed on top and underside to our own pantone reference. This reduces colour change in the leather, but primarily it is to stop the red from running into your dogs fur.
Over the years we have had a few cases of the red running into white dogs fur and there seems to be no rhyme nor reason as to why this will happen for some white dogs and not for others. We can only put it down to the oils in certain dogs coats causing the leather to run. For this reason we have created a one sided red leather specifically for white dogs. It is red on the top and natural on the underneath to minimise the risk of run. If you have a white dog – please let us know if ordering a red collar and we will use this special one sided red leather for your collar.

It is important to note that leather is a naturally dyed material. It can behave in a similar way to a new pair of dark denim jeans that turn your hands and legs blue on first wearing. Leather is a natural product and some colour transference can happen on initial wearing but should soon stop. Our collars tend to last for many years – often a lifetime. So if the collar is in need of some TLC we offer a collar service for £20 (inc postage back to you) where we will replace all rivets or missing studs and clean and treat the leather.

Our buckles, dee rings and studs are all made in solid brass. The silver finish versions are nickle plated solid brass.

Waterproofing: Before leaving our workshop the collar will have been treated with Neatsfoot oil to protect against water. Ideally we recommend treating this collar as you would a pair of leather shoes – it may not last as long if not looked after. Ideally rinse off salt water if worn swimming and remoisturise with saddle soap or Neatsfoot oil every now and then. However this being said, lots of our customers are in and out of the sea and their collars last for years without any rinsing or saddle soaping!
Studs: Our studs are exclusively handmade for us – each stud is hand punched from solid brass, then the rivet backs are individually welded on by hand. We use brass because it is strong and will not break. The silver colour versions are nickel plated. All studs have brass backs for a hypoallergenic finish against the dogs neck. Due to the nature of dogs (diving through hedges, rolling in muddy puddles…), very occasionally we will be contacted to say a dog has lost a stud from their collar (in all of our 22 years of product testing this has never happened to any of our dogs collars despite much abuse!). If this does happen please contact us and we can replace the stud for you.

Guarantee: Our collars are guaranteed for 6 months from date of purchase against breakage or loss of studs.
Our collars tend to last for many years – often a lifetime. So if the collar is in need of some TLC we offer a collar service for £20 (inc postage back to you) where we will replace all rivets or missing studs and clean and treat the leather.


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