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Maker feature: Wood Paper Scissors

As it’s the month of love, we got in touch with a few of our favourite small businesses to ask them about their own ‘Good Lives’ and what makes their hearts happy. This week, we spoke to the lovely Lindsay and Tony of Wood Paper Scissors, who told us about their love for their business and the Cornish coast…

What do you love most about your business?
Our favourite thing about our business is the flexibility we have when designing new products, there are no rules! We especially love it when we are working individually on new products but can see how elements of each others designs can be merged to create and inspire an even better product. Two heads are better than one!

What do you enjoy most about being your own boss?
We both really like the freedom of being our own boss. We love being able to take turns doing the school run and finish early on a sunny day. But we also appreciate that we can see the business grow as a direct result of how hard we work.

What has changed most in life since you started working for yourself?
We have fulfilled a dream of ours in relocating our lives to the Cornish coast. This would have been pretty much impossible for either of us in our previous jobs, but now we live and work by the sea and our lives couldn’t really be more different!

As it’s February and the month of love, what’s your favourite word or phrase that makes you feel good?
Our favourite word is klys, which is Cornish for cosy! We love that Cornwall has a language of it’s own and were so pleased to find a word that represents life’s simple pleasures. We think there is nothing better after a long beach walk than being snug, warm and klys, with a chunky knit and a lovely mug of tea, on a windswept and mizzly (another great Cornish word) day. We feel our products encourage people to do the same, inspiring cosy, klysful moments in the lives and homes of others.

Thank you, Lindsay and Tony! I just love the word klys – that’s definitely one I’m going to be using in the future…just need to make sure I can pronounce it! Terrible at accents!

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