Kirstie and Patroula set up Illumer, following the success of their jewellery and accessories brand, Lily Belle. After 15 years, building Lily Belle, collecting awards and reaching many milestones along the way they realised they had a desire to create a beautiful candle company that would create a heartfelt product range to help others mark moments in their lives. Whether celebratory, or difficult.

They’ve both experienced some difficult times in their own lives, and have seen many of those they love travelling through such challenging periods in their lives and wanted to create something special, straight from the heart for the launch of Illumer and the Kintsugi candle was born.

This beautiful bone china and gold lustre candle celebrates the ancient Japanese art of fixing objects which have broken with pure gold. They believe that when something breaks, it is more beautiful due to its imperfections. That the gold allows the cracks to shine and that the scars we bear in our lives, make us perfect.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Their signature chalky, white candles have words, quotes or affirmations etched onto them and these are softly illuminated by candlelight when lit.

Illumer is strongly connected to their emotions and experiences, and allows them to express empathy and kindness.

They hope to shine a little light in the world. And we are very proud to be supporting them.