Holly's Clothing Picks


Holly's clothing picks — unique clothes and accessories that are colourful, creative or made by hand. From jumpers to jumpsuits (and ways to protect them), these outfits are ready to shine. Think slow fashion, beautifully made and designed to help you be more 'you'.

Bags and baskets that spread smiles all round

carry your values with you everywhere

The best bags and baskets aren't just eye-catching, they also make a statement about who you are. Especially if they are from UK creative small businesses. Some of ours even help support artisans in other countries to achieve financial independence too (and there's always room in the wardrobe for a handbag like that).

Meet special UK designers

wearing their hearts on their sleeves

Ditching the heels: Holly Tucker's guide to dopamine dressing


Have you ever felt uncomfortable in your clothes or worn things (especially to work) because you felt like you were supposed to? It's time for liberation. Here's why...

Clothing & accessories...

We like slowly made clothing and accessories at Holly & Co. Bags made consciously, clothes that inspire smiles. Because what we wear really shows who we are as people. That's why we love creativity for every body at every age in every colour. So if you’re ready to express yourself, you've come to the right place.