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The most powerful feminist art champions women, supports equality and makes us think about what we still need to do to level the playing field. Whether it's messages of female empowerment or witty women's art to challenge people's thinking, these pieces won't settle for second place on the wall.

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Frida Fans


Any artists or art appreciators who love the rich creativity of Frida Kahlo (and really, who doesn't?!), are about to be in for a treat. This collection is full of inspiration — all kinds of unique and colourful gifts for Frida lovers everywhere.

How to buy art


What's great about having a founder who is obsessed with art is that she knows how to buy the good stuff; the art that tells your story, the art you know you'll keep. Read Holly's six tips for buying art that makes you happy.

Inspiring art & prints

We love art and prints that are inspirational, ignite emotion and truly show who we are. Original artwork made by real artists, with stained hands. Art made to keep. Posters, sculpture or paintings with a twist. From illustration to a bit of Dave Buonaguidi, try these.