African Safari Zebra Dresser Handles

Candy Queen Designs

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A 4 year old boy leans against a wooden dresser looking at a picture of a zebra, there are six zebra drawer knobs on the dresser, three on each side of him, there is a stuffed to rhinocerous on the wall and bunting.
A modern bathroom with white rectangle tiles, a large round mirror with a thin black rim, the edge of a black shower screen and a wide white sink. On the sink vanity unit there is a zebra drawer knob. The brand of zebra animal drawer knobs is Candy Queen Designs. Underneath the zebra drawer knob are two rustic storage baskets and to the left there is a snake plant in a wicker basket sitting on a wooden stool.
Four black and white striped zebra door handles made of solid plastic, two zebras are attached to drawers, two zebras are free standing in the foreground surrounded by colourful round confetti. The zebras have a black bolt head in the middle and are set against a bright yellow background with a silver star garland.
 A 9 cm tall black and white striped zebra door handle made of solid plastic stood on the palm of an open hand to show the scale. The zebra has a black bolt head in the middle and is set against a bright yellow background with silver star garlands. The zebra is made of plastic. The brand is Candy Queen Designs.
A zebra safari animal door knob on a white background. The fixing bolt, nut and washers of the zebra knob can be seen protruding out the back of the zebra. The zebra knob 9cm tall, it is made of plastic with metal fastenings, the brand of the animal door knobs is Candy Queen Designs.
A zebra safari animal door knob on a white background. The fixing bolt, nut and washers of the zebra knob can be seen protruding out the back of the zebra. The zebra knob 9cm tall, it is made of plastic with metal fastenings, the brand of the animal door knobs is Candy Queen Designs.
On a white table top there are three green cardboard egg boxes being used to hold bolts that have painted heads, a pair of hands hold a green paint brush and a bolt. On the work top there are twenty small pots of enamel paint, a pile of bolts and a teaspoon to get the paint lids off. There are five succulent plants in white plant pots and terracotta plant pots. The brand is Candy Queen Designs, the hands are Candy Queen’s, she is painting bolt heads to blend with her zebra animal door knobs.
A hand holds a plastic zebra on a clamp on the table of a pillar drill. A white tray of plastic animals sits below the pillar drill to the left. There is a small chest of drawers decorated in a brightly coloured jungle theme with animal drawer knobs attached with a snake plant in a white vase sitting on top. The zebra is being drilled and made into an animal drawer knob by Candy Queen Designs.
A white work bench with tools and hardware, there are three plastic zebra furniture knobs, a pile of washers and nuts, a small spanner and a stanley knife on it. There are a pair of hands putting the bolt into a zebra furniture knob, there is a pastel rainbow on the worktop.
Six brightly coloured candy stripe paper bags sit in the foreground on a white worktop, the bags are red, yellow, green, blue, purple and orange. Each bag is a third full full and sealed shut with three rectangle stickers. In the background there are sticker sheets and flat bags used as packaging by Candy Queen Designs.

Add a stand out African safari vibe to your child’s bedroom with these striking zebra dresser handles. They are equally happily at home in a safari themed animal child's bedroom, playroom, the utility room, lounge or even the bathroom.

New knobs are a great way to add fresh life to a tired piece of furniture, could be the perfect finishing touch for an up-cycle project or give a great unique look to new furniture. These zebra knobs are almost guaranteed to add a unique magical finishing touch to them all, in minutes.

Our decorative animal knobs are exceptionally easy to install and are suitable for drawers, cupboards, wardrobes, and dressers, in fact, anything that needs a knob on it!

Need to know

Not Suitable For Children Under 3 (Due To Small Parts)

Dimensions: Zebra Knob 10 cm nose to tail, 9 cm Head to toes (4" by 3.5")

Bolt Thread: 5 mm

Bolt Length protruding out the back of Zebra = Approx 5 cm

Made From: Solid Hard Plastic Zebra with Stainless Steel Bolt, Nuts and Washers.

Production: Animal figurine 'Made in China' and customised into an animal knob for furniture by hand in the UK by Candy Andrews ~ Candy Queen Designs.

Custom length bolts available to suit your furniture: Please ask before buying so I can give you a time frame in which I'll be able to make them.


Undo existing furniture knob and remove from furniture.

Remove washers & nut from your new Zebra knob. Push the bolt (on the rear of the animal) through the hole on the front of your furniture. Place washers back on, tighten together with the nut.

Sit back and admire your transformed furniture!


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A white female known as The Candy Queen stands in front of a laminated oak desk, to her left is a stainless steel stand with Candy Queen laser cut out of it, the stand holds 10 dimmer switches in retro pastel colours with animals on. The Candy Queen wears a pink Care Bear jumper, white blouse and denim shorts, she is holding three light switches in one hand and five animal knows in the other, she is wearing heart shaped dark black rimmed sunglasses and is grinning. On the shelf behind her are rows of animal knows and house plants in white plant pots.

Candy Queen Designs

Harpenden, Hertfordshire

Unique children's dimmer switches and animal drawer knobs like no other!

Candy Queen Designs has been the home of animal furniture knobs and the designer light switches of children's dreams for over 20 years, it exists to create fun, quirky, quality products, to spread joy, make people smile and inject some fun and originality into your home.

The coolest room accessories for the coolest kids and the perfect finishing touch for your newly decorated room.