founder Noa Alvarez sitting on a chair surrounded by block printed products including cushions and quilts

kingston upon thames, greater london

Hello, I am Noa. During my career as a designer, I have travelled to India extensively and worked with iconic brands such as Anokhi, who introduced me to the wonders of block printing. I started to celebrate craftsmanship, collaborating with artisans to create collections inspired by traditional crafts paired with contemporary sensibility. The focus behind the brand is on small-scale ethical production, creating sustainable, unique and beautiful styles.

The story behind the business

After working in the fashion industry for over two decades, I decided to embark on a sabbatical to go travelling at the start of 2020, seeking inspiration and new ideas. Little did I know that the world had different plans in store for us all.

This "forced" pause became the catalyst for a new chapter in my career. I travelled to India as soon as the borders reopened.

I wanted to collaborate with artisans to design collections that married their craft with other design aesthetics that I love from other parts of the world, such as Scandinavia and Japan.

I am working with craftspeople and co-operatives who share my values and believe in preserving heritage and supporting communities. With their help, I wish to share the narratives behind our collections, shedding light on the artisans' journeys, traditions, and the processes involved in their crafts

Noa x

founder Credentials

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