Portrait photo of This Thing is String founder Polly Benson, smiling to camera whilst wearing round glasses, a denim jacket, dark t-shirt and string bling necklace

This Thing Is String


This Thing is String is an eclectic collection of homewares, oddities and décor, all made from humble household string. Hand knitted, hand dyed, hand sculpted – it’s just me, at my old oak dining table, crafting up solutions to life’s minor plasticky problems.

All my things are plastic free, made in small batches (often to order) and packaged using compostable, recycled or widely recyclable materials.

The story behind the business
Meet This thing is string

Back in 2020 I realised that if I was going to break the creative drought of a decade, I needed a problem to solve. So I've gave myself a limitation – I could only make things out of string.

I started with Christmas decorations: hearts, holly, mistletoe, stars: clear motifs, simply rendered. I put my tree up early that year to take some photos for online listings. My son’s cardboard abomination of a tree topper had come a cropper the previous year, so I made a larger star, coiled the excess wire round a wooden spoon handle and wound it round the leader branch. I photographed that too, created a listing for it "just because..." and come January I'd sold over 150 of them. Hugely validated, I realised This Thing is String had potential.

So here I am, still making things out of string at my table. Some are just straight up practical, others are more whimsical and some are just for the fun of it. My hope is you enjoy having them about your house as much as I enjoy making them.

founder Credential

  • Female Founded Business
  • Neurodivergent Business


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