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Holly’s Christmas Trends 2022 - Part 1

This post is a sneak peak of Holly’s 2022 Christmas trends article, which is exclusive to our Campaign Shop Independent Kit launching on Monday 13th June. To be the first to read the article, be sure to sign up to Holly’s email below as subscribers will receive their kit before anyone else.

Introducing a Christmas less ordinary

Get the mood right this Christmas and you’ll stand a chance of winning the biggest retail opportunity of the year. How can you tell what customers are likely to be spending their diminishing budgets on? Which products might really resonate? What are people likely to be thinking and feeling in a year as tumultuous as this one? 

From selling millions of Quirky Gift Library’s chocolate brussel sprouts at notonthehighstreet when nobody had heard of them, to Harrow & Green’s original Santa’s sacks that then captured the nation’s hearts — Holly knows a thing or two about predicting retail trends. So to help small businesses at a time it’s needed most, she’s compiled her top tip-offs for 2022. 

Customers will be actively moving towards a zero waste society and the broader cultural shift towards sustainability is changing how we spend at Christmas. Stocking-stuffers are out, and shared experiences or heirloom products are in. Across all categories, I predict people will buy less, choose well and make it last.

Product planning done differently, providing pre-loved options and gifting wellness.

These are just some of the areas Holly thinks will be big news for customers this year. 

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Campaign Shop Independent 2022

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