Blue Morpho Butterfly, Urban Abstract

Evi Antonio

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Blue morpho butterfly on graffiti background in black wooden frame.
Blue morpho butterfly, close up detail of butterfly and acrylic glaze.
Blue morpho butterfly details on graffiti background.
Blue morpho butterfly, close up detail of butterfly and acrylic glaze.
Butterfly and graffiti abstracts, gallery wall selection

This artwork is a combination of digital painting and collage from my own butterfly specimen collection and found urban texture from my walks around East London.
The Blue Morpho butterfly, (Morpho peleides) is a breathtaking species indigenous to Central and South America. This butterfly's hallmark is its dazzling, iridescent blue wings, which can span up to 20cm. The vivid blue coloration is not due to pigments but rather microscopic scales on the wings that refract and reflect light, creating a mesmerising effect. Blue Morphos inhabit lush rainforests and are known for their graceful flight as they glide through the air. While their wings dazzle with brilliant blue when open, they reveal a more cryptic brown underside with eye spots when closed, providing camouflage against predators.
Contrasting the Blue against the yellow, emphasises the Morpho's beauty and spectacular wings. This artwork is from a series of abstract, urban miniatures, uniting the beauty of nature and urban texture, into one.

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This is a one of a kind Giclée fine art print on a paper panel by Evi Antonio which is hand finished with acrylic glazes and comes ready to hang in a beautiful St Ives, wooden frame. Dimensions 18cm x 18cm.
Signed on the back.


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evi antonio

Evi Antonio

Saffron Walden, Essex

Butterflies symbolise rebirth and transformation. They have always featured heavily in my art, exploring themes of transformation and fragility in the forms of butterflies. I create small editions or one-of-a-kind pieces. I live life consciously, in appreciation for the smaller details of nature, striving to illuminate aspects of a subject that may go unnoticed. In a frenetic world, nature teaches us harmony and I am compelled to express this message through my art.