Nicky Stewart storefront image - Nicky Stewart bird knitting designer standing in a Caithness field

Nicky Stewart

Caithness, scotland

Hello I’m Nicky! Have you ever thought about knitting a puffin, but wouldn’t know where to start? Maybe I can help! I’m a lifelong bird nerd, nature lover, and a self-taught knitter. I design and make fun and easy bird knit kits, using the birds that surround me every day in the Scottish highlands as inspiration. My kits are designed to be relaxing and simple, perfect to inspire a beginner knitter, or as a thoughtful gift to a bird-loving friend.

The story behind the business
Meet nicky Stewart

As a child I was obsessed with birds, and I’m still the same way today! Birds are my absolute favourite thing in the world, and I love creating little knitted versions of them to share with people.

I started knitting in my 40s, and after learning the basics, of course I wanted to knit birds. But all the bird patterns I could find were too complicated for me. I started to write patterns for myself, that I could enjoy without tying my brain in a knot. One thing led to another, and I ended up opening an Etsy shop and having my first knitting book published in 2013.

I love it when people tell me that they never believed that they had the skills to knit anything like a puffin or a penguin, that I’ve given them a real confidence boost! I hope that my kits will help you relax and connect with nature, and appreciate the birds that fly around you every day.

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