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Hint, hint Frank! I’m having a little bit of a Julie Andrews moment here and whether it’s for when the dog bites or the bee stings, these are the pieces I know are guaranteed to bring a giant smile to my face, so I’m sharing them with you here. A pair of colourful gloves with a message of love and hope, a throw intricately embroidered with a totally jaw-dropping design, or a piece of jewellery which I never want to take off; I hope these will make your heart sing as much as they do mine.

'Loved' rug by Denim and Bone

‘Loved’ woven cotton throw, by Denim and Bone: This is such a stand-out piece. Daisy’s unique style of embroidery means this cotton throw is packed full of meaning and originality. You could hang it on a wall or use it as a stunning bedspread — it’s an utter dream for the eyes.

Monster munch ring

Monster Munch ring, by Dion Kitson: Anyone who knows me will tell you that these crisps are my absolute go-to snack of choice. I’m obsessed, and now I can wear one on my finger. Dion, you have made my dreams a reality.

Gloves that say 'love' and 'hope' on them

‘Love hope’ gloves, by Quinton Chadwick: Hope and love. Perhaps the two most important things on earth. These lovely gloves are perfect for chilly weather because they’re made of 100% lambswool in cheerful red and pink — what a way to brighten a gloomy day.

Heart broach that says 'wine'

Heart Brooch by Hattie McGill Embroidery: I do enjoy a glass of wine, but I love embroiderer Hattie McGill even more. She’s worked for the likes of Alexander McQueen, the Zurich Opera and won our Modern Crafter Award in 2021, so I know I’d feel very fancy wearing her beautiful beaded brooches.

Love Hearts art

Love hearts (be mine), by Little Fish Design, from Art Republic: Frank did good for our anniversary. I was treated to a stunning artwork by graphic wizard Toby Holmes. I love his contemporary twist on classical images – and how amazing would a Love Hearts dress be?

Petalon flowers

Dirty dancing, by Petalon: I’ve loved this family-based business from Cornwall even more since founders Florence and James joined me on my podcast and I found out more about how 100% of their profits go to UK conservation projects. Now THAT’S a great Valentine’s gift.

Green budgerigar, by Bow Beaus

Green budgerigar, by Bow Beaus: Two lovebirds with glittery crowns on a sponge? How perfect for Valentine’s. These tiny budgies by founder Jo are so much fun as cake toppers and she’ll even dress them up for you in your choice of headwear. I’ll never serve a plain cake again.

Model wearing a jumper saying 'I think it's called love'

‘I think it’s called love’ jumper, by Fund Jumpers: Fund put love at the forefront of everything. I adore the positive messages on their jumpers and how you can choose your colour combinations. They do good as well — for every one purchased, 100 school meals are donated to children in poverty.

eramic white peony bud, by JGceramicGifts

Ceramic white peony bud, by JGceramicGifts: Made by Jurga from earthenware clay, these exquisite ceramic flowers are perfect for popping in a pot with real stems for a unique display or bunched together in a vase for a stunning table centrepiece all year round.

Floral brownies for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day brownies, by Blushing Cook: Few things that arrive in the post bring a smile as wide as Sammi’s floral topped brownies. Made using Fairtrade chocolate, the edible flowers are grown in lovely Devon. They’re an utter work of art and are mouth-wateringly tasty. I’m grinning just thinking about them.

Need more inspiration? Try my Valentine’s gift guides for the little ones, husbands and friends. Do we share any favourite things in common? Do let me know in the comments below.


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