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Isn’t it incredible what children can teach us? From my dear niece (or ‘spirit daughter’ as I like to call her), to my co-founder’s happyful twins, our lives are brightened and enlightened daily by these incredible little souls. I always think of birthdays, swimming badges achieved, fresh school years started etc as being a wonderful opportunity to repay the favour. Whether that’s inspiring them with new ideas, surprising toys or clothes to bring out their unique personalities, how about these?

Flingo and Scallop

‘Circus girl’ suit, by Flingo & Swallop: My niece Olive practically lived in this suit and it was truly magical to watch her transform once she put it on. It’s got ‘mini rock star’ written all over it and is the kind of outfit dreams are made of. Highly recommend.

Heart Crayons

Heart crayons, by Crayon Box: Crayon Box says it’s the home of the “coolest crayons around” and it bloody well is. These 3D hearts are so original the minis will love them, but there are also monster ones, mermaid ones, vintage car ones and more. Sod the kids, I actually want some!

Pocket money purse, by Ark: So many colours to choose from and each is made from leather processed in their on-site tannery in Scotland. This family-run business even stocks in Liberty and the V&A, so as well as being great pocket-money-keeper-saferers, they’ll add flair to any mini outfit.  

Kidpreneur At Work Sign

Kidpreneurs at work sign, by Mims & Family: I made supporting kidpreneurs one of our four missions at Holly & Co because I want every child to know it’s possible to set up on their own. These exclusive A4 sized road signs are perfect for their bedrooms as a reminder for them to stick at it.

Teal Basket Artist

Artist basket, by Lots of Lovely Art (LoLA): Watch future artists glow with pride when handed their very own kit basket. LoLA supports creativity in children through art and also do art boxes, subscriptions and more — a great place to go for gifts.

Craft Crumb Burger and Chips

Burger cupcake kit, by Craft & Crumb: Heehee, tricked you. It’s not really a burger, but these innovative kits contain everything needed to make cupcake versions of the smalls’ go-to favourite dinner. Craft & Crumb have plenty of other ideas, too.

Young Double Future Artist

‘Future artist’ sweater, by Young Double: Hand dyed with non-toxic dyes and screen printed using eco-friendly ink, Young Double’s super cool sweaters are a planet-friendly choice for aspiring arty types.

Wall Hanging Kite

Personalised wall hanging kite, by Jerry & Jo: As a mama of four, Jerry & Jo’s founder Nanna certainly knows a thing or two about what makes the little folk happy. No doubt the parents will love her stylish wares too, AND she supports other women by hiring mums.

Cool to be kind

‘Cool to be kind’ t-shirt, by The Kindness Co-op: Liz from Dicky Bird designed these wonderful children’s tees as part of a collaboration with The Kindness Co-op, who donate to the YoungMinds charity with every purchase. If you don’t know them, look them up. You’ll soon want to be in their kindness club.

Zaha Hadid

Little people, big dreams book on Zaha Hadid, by Maria Isabel Sánchez Vegara, illustrated by Asun Amar: If you haven’t seen these incredible books, do go and have a look. It’s a bestselling series that explores the lives of outstanding people, from designers and artists to scientists and activists — and sets a wonderful reminder that each one started out as a child with a dream, just like the little people you know.

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