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One-of-a-kind gifts


Isn’t it incredible what children can teach us? From my dear niece Olive, to my co-founder’s happyful twins, our lives are brightened and enlightened by these incredible little souls.

That’s why I always think that finding the perfect Christmas gift is a wonderful opportunity to repay the favour. Whether that’s inspiring them with new ideas, surprising them with a less ordinary toy or finding clothes that bring out their unique personalities. How about these as a starter for ten? (Olive was kind enough to ‘test them out’ for us too, so I have it on good authority that they’re all a hit… especially the chocolate burger.)

‘Nursery Times Crinkly Christmas Newspaper’, by Jo and Nic

I love this clever gift which comes in different designs, each wrapped in a very sweet paper envelope. Babies enjoy the crinkly sounds of the paper and older minis enjoy the beautiful words and illustrations; such a wonderful pastime to encourage in this digital era.

Pencil scarf, by Sara Carr

Practical AND fun — whoever says scarves are a boring gift obviously don’t know where to find the good ones! This beautiful knitted pencil scarf is made using 100% lambswool, making it snuggly soft and perfect for the school run in winter months. Plus, there’s no getting mixed up working out whose scarf is whose at pick up.

‘Pins & Patches’ advent calendar, by Mims and Family

How’s this for an alternative advent calendar for the little ones? It’s filled with colourful pins and patches which are made to be loved and enjoyed for years to come. No plastic tat here — and I’d have chosen this over a chocolate calendar any day of the week when I was younger! It also comes in a beautiful, magnetic ‘snapshut’ box (or a tote bag — both are great for reusing or storing important items like all your brilliant badges in).

Woodland fairy dolls, by Bokuno Shop  

Made with beautiful cotton prints and natural linens, these woodland fairy dolls are the most brilliant stocking filler. My favourite part? They are cleverly made with a pocket, ready to store a tooth or a coin in (if they happen to be a tooth fairy, of course). Just utterly magical.

‘Believe in Magic’ sweatshirt, by Bob and Blossom

‘Peace, love and chocolate’ — now those are words to live by! Here’s a jumper, in the most beautiful pastel colours and slogans, that any mini would be chuffed to wear.

Craft Crumb Burger and Chips

Burger cupcake kit, by Craft & Crumb

Heehee, tricked you. It’s not really a burger, but these innovative kits contain everything needed to make cupcake versions of the smalls’ go-to favourite dinner. Craft & Crumb have plenty of other ideas too, so their site is well worth a visit.

‘Mince Pie Appreciation Society’ T-shirt, by Alphabet Bags

There is nothing I love more than matching my ‘mini me’ — especially at this time of year. Olive appreciates a good mince pie as much as I do, so we’ve firmly enrolled ourselves into the Appreciation Society this year with these wonderful t-shirts. 

Father Christmas letter, by Polar Post

Is there anything more magical than a letter from the North Pole? The Polar Post Office works around the clock at this time of year to deliver letters from Santa to boys and girls across the world — each beautifully designed and personalised. I can’t think of a more perfect way to kickstart your family festivities.

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