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I alway think that the wonderful thing about Mother’s Day is that it doesn’t just have to be about shopping for your mum. I use it as an excuse to show gratitude for all the incredible women in my life actually. It’s a time of the year when I know a little empathy can go such a long way. In fact, it always makes me think of this brilliant artwork by Mari Andrew.

Thinking of you card

‘Thinking of you’ by Mari Andrew

We all know those precious people who could use a little lift, don’t we? What about the friend who is finding motherhood overwhelming? How tough it must feel to be struggling on her own. I remember those early days when you’re just wondering how on earth you’ll get through it all and how that makes you feel. A little kindness can change your whole world at moments like that. These merit patches by Mims and Family might be just the reminder she needs — brilliant badges of honour for her milk-stained dungarees and no doubt every time she washes them, it’ll bring a smile.

You could even wrap up Sketchy Muma’s book for her, too. Anna’s insight on motherhood is just the most relatable read and instantly turns that sheer bewilderment into “Thank God it’s not just me.”

Or what about that friend who is just the loveliest mother, but is finding life hard as her little one isn’t enjoying school at the moment, and just doesn’t want to go? The associated guilt when you’re trying to fit in work, life and everything else on top can be agonising. This ‘Oh what a lovely mother you are’ candle might just become the reassuring hug she needs.

Let’s not forget that Mother’s Day can be a real kick in the guts for anyone you know who is struggling to become a mum, too. With infertility affecting an estimated one in seven heterosexual UK couples¹ couples and the barriers that many same-sex couples face to have children, this time of year might well be triggering for more friends than you think. How about quietly gifting a medal for her bravery? Emma Giacalone creates these for all the amazing women in your life, no matter what their circumstances.

You are amazing badge

‘You are amazing’ medal badge by Emma Giacalone Textiles

Then there’s me. When I think about what I’d love to receive, it’s essentially anything with a little thought in it that I can hold onto and cherish. How lovely would it be to wear a constant reminder that you are loved, like this beautiful locket by Cult of Youth? It even has this sentiment beautifully engraved on the front. I’d pop in a family photo and totally embarrass Harry no doubt and even pass it down for generations to come.

You are so loved locket

‘You are so loved’ locket by Cult of Youth

Of course I won’t ever forget my own mum. I know she misses her mother terribly every Mother’s Day as she lost her young. I know something like this vintage Polaroid canvas by Drifting Bear with a photo of her mother on it would mean the world and if anyone deserves that after all she’s done for us, it’s her.

Or maybe I’ll get this ceramic jug by the talented Alice Funge, personalised with an heirloom family recipe of her mother’s famous chicken pie. With a splash of colour and her very own handwriting, it’s the kind of thing I know she’d keep proudly in the kitchen forever.

There are so many beautiful ways to show your thoughtfulness this Mother’s Day and nobody does it better than small businesses. It’s a sure fire way to find something that’s every bit as original as they are, made with thought to show you care. Plus by supporting them, you are supporting all kinds of women out there to follow their dreams and I can’t think of a better way to help celebrate Mother’s Day than that. Wishing you all a 27th March full of love.

If you need more inspiration or want to discover some other wonderful small business finds, try my gift guides for strong women, birthdays and gratitude. Meanwhile, what would you love to receive this Mother’s Day? Do let me know in the comments below.


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