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One-of-a-kind gifts


Love Hope gloves

Love/Hope gloves, by Quinton & Chadwick

Oscar Wilde once said, “It’s all going to be fine in the end. If it is not yet fine, then it is not yet the end.” It’s a good lesson to remember, given the year we’ve just had.

So when it comes to buying Christmas presents for Mum, my sister and all the other brilliant female forces in my life (who’ve been through some truly unimaginable stuff in the last twelve months between them), I’m going to do my level best to spread some cheer, give them a lift, and remind us all (with a smile!) that the uphill path we’re on is actually taking us to our very summits.

It’s all going to be fine. More than fine, in fact. I think it might just be magnificent. Here are some one-of-a-kind ‘gifts for her’ from some one-of-a-kind small businesses…

Fund Jumper Bright Side

Bright side wool jumper, by FUND

With such vibrant colours and a message as positive as this, what could be a better way to help your dear sister walk into 2023 filled with hope? Made of pure British wool and hand finished in ethically sourced yarn, this luxurious gift might have fallen into the ‘I probably actually shouldn’t have’ category, were it not for the fact that every one sold helps fight child hunger by donating 100 meals to schools. Plus it’s clearly an heirloom item which can be loved for many years and passed on (hopefully to me!). This is what good business is all about.

Fuck the dishes tea towel

Sweary fairy tea towel, by Emma Giacalone Textiles

I mean, I bloody LOVE this tea towel. For the many female friends who get to this point in the run up to Christmas (AKA all of us), this will soon become a saying to remember (and without a doubt, a cherished gift).

Knitted Cactuses

Crochet cactus, by Emily Siân Hart

Potentially one of the greatest gifts you can give your not-so-green-fingered friends, these hand crocheted cacti look their absolute best all year round and come in fun shapes and sizes. They are also very good at looking after themselves (just like us… not!).

Sassigraphy candle

Hand poured scented candle with personalised marbled label, by Sassigraphy

I’ve become such a fan of marbling this year but it’s all the little details combined that make this candle such a rare find. Each one is hand-poured, has a hand marbled label (complete with wax seal, no less!) and will feature the name or word of your choice. Just the thing to pop into a thoughtful ‘cosy night in’ kit for that friend who needs to slow down.

Patroula Jewllery Navy Gold Moon Bracelet

Gold and silk friendship bracelet, by Patroula Jewellery

Clever Patroula with her stunning, seasonal designs! This navy crescent moon and star signifies friendship and is one of the many meaningful charms she offers. Each has its own story and I love to think the person I’m giving it to will remember hers every time she wears it. Warm feelings all round.

Things I really want to do by Sukie

‘Things I really want to do’ letterpress notebook, by Sukie

As a self-confessed stationery obsessive, I want to give the women I love the feeling of starting a fresh year with a beautiful new notebook. Especially one that encourages its owner to fill its pages with things to look forward to, a world of possibilities for 2023 and a reminder to do things that really make us smile. As Mo Gawdat said on my Conversations of Inspiration podcast, “Life is full of joy. We just need to take responsibility for our own happiness and experience it.”

Mistletoe & Wine Candle

Mistletoe and wine candles, by Heather Evelyn

I’ve been thinking of the kind of Christmases my friends will have this year; how different each table will be, as well as the people around them. Not everyone will have the picture perfect break but each of us can undoubtedly find something to be grateful for. I’m hoping this beautiful pair of dinner candles will be one of them.

Arthouse Chocolate

Chocolate bars, by ARTHOUSE Unlimited

Extraordinary flavours in incredible packaging, made by exceptional humans (that’s a lot of adjectives but each one is true)! This chocolate is designed and created by artists living with complex neuro-diverse and physical support needs and I just have the greatest privilege of being this charity’s patron. 100% of ARTHOUSE Unlimited’s profits are used to help it grow and evolve, and I honestly couldn’t speak more highly of this strong, kind, purpose driven community or the products they produce. If you want gifts with heart, these are they, and they won’t just lift up your sisters but others too.

Mary Benson Cosmic Stocking

‘Limited edition: Cosmic Rodeo Velvet Stocking’, by Mary Benson

And finally, what if I admitted that I had intended this little stocking to be for someone else but then decided to keep it and then had to have a word with myself? I’ve managed to wrestle it into some wrapping paper already so I don’t get tempted again but just look at it! It’s so beautifully made, the design makes my inner Dolly sing out loud and the velvet is so, so soft. Honestly, if I didn’t love these women quite so much…

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