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I once read somewhere that motherhood is, “The exquisite inconvenience of being another person’s everything”. Suddenly, a being enters your world who is entirely dependent on you and it’s utterly joyful and fucking terrifying all at the same time. It’s important to recognise the extraordinary work mothers do (often totally thanklessly I might add) — supporter, friend, confidante — ‘Mum’ is a title that encompasses, well, everything. It’s not just our own mothers either, but all those maternal figures in our lives who need celebrating. Few gifts can ever truly express our thanks for all they do or to cheer them on enough, but the UK’s wonderful independents have had some beautiful ideas.

Marvelous Mothers

Marvellous mother party hat, by Hadley Paper Goods: I consider my lovely mum to be a dear friend, teacher (yes, she’ll still tell me off even now) and my greatest cheerleader. She deserves to be treated like a queen. Founder Jo’s exquisite FSC crown cards will make sure she feels just like one.

Personalised Polaroid

Personalised giant retro photo canvas, by The Drifting Bear Co: Photographs are so precious. They keep memories alive. The Drifting Bear Co. turn your beautiful image into a vintage-style picture with your title and caption. Is there anything more meaningful than immortalising cherished moments?

everything bag

‘Everything’ really big bag, by Alphabet Bags: Baby wipes, colouring books, the will to live? It’s incredible how much stuff you need to find for your little people sometimes, but this gigantic bag holds it all. Made of sturdy natural canvas, it really will carry the weight of your world (and emergency snacks, too).

Gift for new mums - Mims and Family

New mum merit patch set, by Mims and Family: Trust Mims and Family to come up with something so brilliant. When you become a mum you accomplish things you never thought yourself capable of. This selection of five patches celebrate those mum milestones and will give that ‘badge buzz’ of achievement for someone who might just need reminding.

You are amazing badge

Embroidered ‘you are amazing’ medal, by Emma Giacalone Textiles: Mums deserve a medal, and there’s no one better to make one than my wonderful Fairy Godmother Award Winner, Emma. Handmade using velvet ribbon and felt, it’s adorned with a beautiful embroidered star to remind a Mummy you know just how brightly she shines.

Sketchy Mama book

‘Sketchy Muma: What it means to be a mother’ book, by Anna Lewis at Chestnut Books: From the first tentative moments of motherhood, in her distinctive illustrations, Anna has captured the joys and despairs of being ‘mum’. This is a meaningful gift for those embarking on this extraordinary journey. Hear our discussion on creativity here.

Oh what a lovely mother you are

‘Oh what a lovely mother you are’ scented candle, by Illumer: The message etched on this personalised, hand-poured candle is illuminated when you light the wick. All mums need to hear this sometimes, and I love the idea that on a darker day, she can use this as a reminder of all the hope and brightness she brings. 

Winging it jumper

‘WINGING IT’ dusky pink supersoft, by Selfish Mother: Confession time. Potentially most of us are making motherhood up as we go along! And yet we’re still often achieving the seemingly impossible. This cosy pink jumper from one of my favourite #ConversationsOfInspiration podcast guests, Molly Gunn, is great for letting other mums know that it doesn’t matter if we’re making it up as we go along, because we’re all in it together.

Glasses Holder

‘Focus on what matters’ glasses necklace, by Chambers & Beau: Mum will never misplace her specs again with this exclusive glasses necklace created in collaboration with my friend Amy, founder of Chambers & Beau, especially for my book Do What You Love, Love What You Do. As well as being rather handy, it’s hand-stamped with a much-needed reminder to stop sweating the small stuff.

‘You got this’ woven cotton throw, by Denim & Bone: In case you don’t know, founder Daisy from Denim & Bone doesn’t so much make throws as works of art. Inspired by vintage botanical studies, this motivating message can be hung on Mum’s wall or laid on her bed as a daily reminder that she’s got it alllllll under control.

You are so loved locket

‘You are so loved’ rectangular locket, by Cult of Youth: We want to keep our children close to our hearts at all times wherever they are in the world, don’t we? A portrait of their lovely face in this sterling silver or gold plated engraved locket from Kelly means you can hold them close always and even pass on to family in years to come.

Personalised reasons why you’re wonderful, by Bread & Jam: Personal little messages delicately folded on metallic paper into glass bottles; husband and wife team Jamie and Catherine know how to touch the hearts of mums. Whether it’s the support they give, their positive attitude or their eternal love — let that wonder woman know, even if she’s not your own mum.

Alice Funge

Personalised handwritten recipe jug, by Alice Funge Ceramics: Does your mum make the best sponge? Is her chicken pie truly special? Or, if she’s a disastrous cook like me, can she at least ace winter soup? Alice’s stoneware jugs immortalise cherished recipes in the person’s own handwriting — a complete one of a kind.

Bracelet Dept of Mind

‘Ten deep breaths’ bracelet, by Dept. Store for the Mind: If their child has just marker-penned their self-portrait on the carpet, Mum might need some deep breaths. For each bead on this bracelet, you inhale for seven and exhale for eleven, flooding the body with all the helpful hormones  needed to relax.

Bertie Valentine Flowers

Paper flowers, by Bertie Valentine London: Hester was our artist in residence for February, and I can vouch that her paper flowers are utterly exquisite (read about our heartful moment together). If every day is Mother’s Day, how lovely would it be to have a bouquet that lasts?

Happy Spoons

Happy spoons & spatula, by Thorsten van Elten: Have you ever looked at utensil that has actually made you feel something? Next time your mum might be finding herself cooking AGAIN(!), when the rest of the family seem to be ‘busy’ at least your mum and her spatula can share a smile.

The Indytute

Kintsugi workshop, by The Indytute: Join together to learn the Japanese art of Kintsugi in this lovely workshop in Kensal Rise, London. It’s a method where you repair broken ceramics with gold to embrace flaws and celebrate imperfections — a welcome reminder for mums and daughters everywhere.

Chocolate Painted Box Dee's Basement

Chocolate painted madeleines box, by Dee’s Basement: Dee creates chocolate boxes that are every bit as beautiful as they are delicious. Decorated with your choice of roses, daisies, cherries or marbling, they can be delivered directly on Mother’s Day — a unique way to surprise her if you can’t be there in person.

Need more inspiration? Try my gift guides for birthdays, strong women or lifting sad hearts. What would make your mum smile? Do let me know in the comments below.


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