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Make it an Easter to remember

Spread some joy ON SUNDAY 31ST MARCH

For Easter 2024, we're going all out. After a tough start to the year, we're gathering those we love and celebrating. From unique Easter decorations, Easter eggs (of all kinds, even non-edible ones), thoughtful Easter gifts, mindful Easter crafts and more, we're choosing small business finds we can keep and use again (apart from the chocolate that is. That will disappear in a flash and we'll probably blame the bunny)...

Easter gifts, Easter eggs & more

the sweetest ways to support small businesses

The best Easter cards & gift wrap

(well, that's what the hens say anyway)

Sending Easter cards is a lovely way to post a smile to those you love this spring. And wrapping a gift in special Easter wrapping paper just makes it even more thoughtful. So if you'd like some ideas from brilliant small businesses, try these...

More innovative ideas for spring

from easter crafts, to food & drink

Easter hamper anyone?


We’ve got some truly unique Easter hampers (and more importantly perhaps, some brilliant ideas for Easter hamper fillings). We’ve even got a few Easter baskets tucked away in here for those who really love hiding eggs.

Get inspired to live a life less ordinary


Easter gifts made by small businesses. Unique Easter eggs. Creative Easter decorations... It doesn't take a lot to welcome in spring and surprise the people you love. Whether it's Easter food and drink done differently (think surprising Easter chocolate, spring macarons and more), Easter activities and craft kits for kids (from Easter egg hunts and Easter baskets to make-you-own Easter decorations), or inspiration for your Easter table (from non-chocolate Easter eggs to spring tablecloths and egg cups), discover the best Easter decorations, the best Easter outfits even and the best Easter eggs, all made by creative small businesses.